ORISECURE protects all your IT assets

A Live Shield to protect your business 24/7

Fight fraud , identity and data theft,​
Guarantee protection and security for assets and critical values.
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Identify the attackers, their attack methods, the damages caused, and residual risks that may remain.
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Assess the maturity of security and populate your ​
Governance Risk and Compliance Management Dashboards and reports.
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Provides different training leading CYBER attack and defenses tactics on a simulated environment.
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ORISECURE Hollistic Approach

Our approach could be define through four vertical:

Anti-malware gateway
Out of Band Authentication (biometrics)
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Automatic Intelligence Collection (DARK/DEEP/OSINT)
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Meta-Analysis of cyber posture
Pattern detection & predictive analysis
Governance and enterprise visibility
Vulnerabilities and anomalies detection
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Comprehensive Cyber Warfare Curriculum
Cyber Learning Management System (CLMS)
Virtualized, private-cloud based
Cyber Lab
Scalable, certified data-center hardware specifications
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Available Deployment Types




Life Cycle of a Vulnerability

A software vulnerability opens the door to cybercriminals. A person who discovers a vulnerability can use it to gain entry to a system and then obtain unauthorized access to data.

A vulnerability has a life cycle consisting of three stages: undisclosed, zero-day, and patched.

Stage 1: Undisclosed

At this stage, a vulnerability in an application, a system, or even hardware is unknown to the vendor or the security community but has been discovered by someone, possibly a researcher in a cyber warfare organization—or worse. This type of vulnerability presents a high security threat to everyone and can go undetected for years. Because the application’s vendor does not know of the vulnerability, countermeasures cannot be developed to prevent or block its exploitation. Undisclosed vulnerabilities are frequently used by groups that gather cyber intelligence or trade information to receive large cash payouts.

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Tokyo - Japan, 21.07.2017

Accenture Strategy

In the course of ORIGONE's expansion plans, the corporation has partnered with Accenture Strategy to support the plans of Japan market entry.

In the coming months, both companies will enforce the cyber needs of key industry sectors:

  • Transportation
  • Infrastructure
  • Finance

Berlin - Germany, 09.07.2017

International Security Conference

ORIGONE has been selected by the organisers of the prestigious International Security Conference in Berlin, to exhibit and speak during the event on 19th of October 2017.

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Futurism/Cyber Scrum Tallin, Estonia 07/09/2017

UK-NL Cyber Showcase The Hague, NL 26-27/09/2017

Cyber Tech Europe Rome, Italy 26-27/09/2017

3RD ANNUAL ENERGY CYBER SECURITY EXECUTIVE FORUM "America Square Conference Centre 25/09/2017

Malvern Festival of Innovation Wyche Innovation Centre, 05-06/10/2018

UK Industry Day at NATO HQ Brussels, Belgium 24/10/2017

North America

Billington Cyber Security Summit Washington DC, USA 13/09/2017

InfoSec USA Boston, USA 04-05/10/2017

Asia Pacific

Hong Kong FinTech Week 2017, Hong Kong, HK, 23-27/10/2017

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